AFP Nurse Corps. Requirements

AFP Nurse Corps

Initial Requirements (1 Photocopy of the following documents):

  • Resume with 2×2 picture
  • College Diploma
  • Transcript of Records and Related Learning Experience
  • Certificate of Board Rating and Passing

The following papers will first be brought to the Office of the Chief Nurse at the Heneral Valdez Building (or Building of the Surgeon General) at Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City for initial evaluation.

If you, or any applicant, posses a board rating of 80% and above for the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam, you will not be required to take a clinical examination involving basic nursing concepts. If otherwise, then you will take the said clinical assessment. After which, an interview will then commence just to gauge the candidate’s ability of express themselves amongst superiors and their nursing competency.

Next, after passing the clinical interview, the candidate will undergo a Neuro-Psych. evaluation (tests, actually) at the station hospital, followed by a series of interviews just to ascertain a candidate’s proficiency. Then, physical and dental examinations will proceed if the applicant is deemed capable of joining the Nurse Corps. Also, a list of other essential records will need to be submitted, along with the Neuro-Psych. evaluation and physical-dental exam report, to the office of the chief nurse once everything has been done smoothly.

Of course, you will spend a significant amount of money, time, and effort just to secure the desired job. Believe me, they are (the investments mentioned above) very substantial once taken into account.

Note: This is, of course, subject to changes as assigned by the aforementioned government agency. Any interested applicant should be prepared for unexpected circumstances that may occur within the said process. If anyone deems that the material I have shared is inappropriate, inaccurate, inconsistent and/or the like, feel free to correct the things that I have said or written.


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