Combination Drugs for COPD yields positive results

A studies on London said on Monday its experimental once-daily lung drug LAMA/LABA showed positive results in four late-stage trials in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

LAMA/LABA is a combination of two molecules – umeclidinium bromide (UMEC), a long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA) and vilanterol, a long-acting beta2 agonist (LABA), administered by a new dry powder inhaler.

The new Phase III data showed the combination drug produced statistically significant improvements when compared with its individual components alone, and compared to placebo, in two 24-week trial involving around 1,500 patients each.

Two further studies compared LAMA/LABA against Pfizer’s Spiriva (tiotropium) and also found statistically significant positive results for the GSK combination pill.

In a statement by Darrell Baker, he said that subject to successful completion of the ongoing studies, we plan to commence global regulatory filings from the end of this year (2012). 

Muscarinic antagonists (LAMA) work to dry up secretions in the respiratory system. Long-acting beta-2-agoinsts (LABA) are bronchodilators that help relax the constricted airways making it easier to breathe. Together, the two  show promise in relieving associated COPD symptoms.

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