To promote professional growth towards the attainment of highest standards of nursing.

The caring and fortifying light giver committed to providing opportunities for the professional growth and development of world class Filipino nurses.

1. Zealously provide strategic directions and programs that enhance the competencies of nurses to be globally competitive.
2. Passionately sustain the quality work life and collegial interactions with and among nurses.
3. Continuously strengthen the internal capacity and capabilities for quality care and services to the nurses.
4. Enthusiastically explore possibilities of collaboration towards unification of nurses.

The corporate power of the Association shall be vested on the Board of Governors which shall be the highest governing body of the Association. It is composed of seventeen (17) members, five (5) from the National Capital Region and twelve (12) from each of the geographic and political regions of the Philippines who elect among themselves the Chairman, Corporate Secretary, President, Vice President for Programs and Development, Vice President for Finance, Treasurer. Each chapter, about ninety-two (92) in number, has its own set of Board of Directors.



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